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We are a community of Christians that meet together within the greater community of Mildura. We share a common love for God, Praise for what He has done and is doing within our lives, and a desire to know Him better.

I hope you find our site informative and helpful. We always love to meet new people. If you are searching for a community of Christians we would love you to come and meet with us; if you are visiting Mildura for a period of time we would love to worship with you.
May God bless you with His abundant grace.

Cheers Pastor Jason

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What to Expect
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What To Expect

If you are thinking of visiting with us at Mildura Baptist it can be comforting to know what is in-store. We would seek to welcome each and all that come through the doors – whatever your background, whatever your dress.

The services could be considered as Conservative-Traditional.

Typically, a Sunday morning gathering seeks to focus your thoughts on God and Jesus through reading, sharing, singing, and preaching. The singing is a mix of classic hymns and contemporary songs; accompanied by a number of musical instruments [including piano, organ, trumpet and violin]. The preaching seeks to be Biblically based and founded on the truths of Scripture.
Sunday school and creche begin halfway through the service and are provided for children up to 10 years of age.

On Sunday evenings, the gathering is smaller and a little more casual. The singing comprises of a number of hymns while the message is in the form of a video sermon from a range of sources.

Each service aims to finish after an hour and is followed by some fellowship over morning tea/supper.

What We Believe!


The Mildura Baptist Church is comprised of a variety of individuals from different church backgrounds. As a fellowship we adhere to the doctrinal basis as set out below and states the following:

  • The divine inspiration and supreme authority of the scriptures of the Old and New Testament.
  • The existence of one God in three persons – The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The deity and incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity.
  • The fallen, sinful and lost state of all people.
  • The salvation of men and women from the penal consequences and power of sin through the perfect obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ, His atoning death, His resurrection from the dead, His ascension to the right hand of the Father and His unchanging priesthood.
  • The immediate work of the Holy Spirit in the regeneration of men and women, in their sanctification and their preservation to the heavenly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The necessity, in order to know salvation, of repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The resurrection of the dead, and the final judgement of all people by the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The two ordinances of the Lord Jesus Christ, namely Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, which are a perpetual obligation. Baptism being the immersion of believers upon the profession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and a symbol of the fellowship of the regenerate in His death, burial and resurrection. The Lords supper being memorial, until He comes, of the sacrifice of the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Mildura Baptist Church may be regarded generally as conservative in outlook, without extreme emphasis on formalism or rigidity in church life and practice.
Mildura Baptist Church adopts a non- “Charismatic” emphasis in matters of Christian faith and practice. The Church holds no affiliation with the World Council of Churches.

  • God Our Creator, Father and the Author of our salvation. He is supreme, ultimate love, all knowing, powerful, just and impartial. He is a God that listens to His people and deserves our obedience and to be worshipped by all.
  • Jesus Second person of the trinity. Son of God. Our Redeemer, Saviour and God in the flesh. He is the way, truth and the life. He died for the sin of man, rose from the dead and will return again in glory. He taught a transformed, holy lifestyle and intercedes to the Father on our behalf.
  • Holy Spirit God in us. He was present at creation, Jesus promised He would not leave us alone. He would come to us in the person of the Holy Spirit, our Helper in time of need. The Holy Spirit is the arm of God who indwells us at conversion and then transforms, teaches, convicts, leads, empowers and comforts believers.
  • The Bible and Its Use The Bible is the foundation of our faith, of our church and our services. Our people are actively encouraged to study the Word of God in their own homes as well as study groups within the church.
  • Baptism We believe that the one major act of significance, after salvation, for the people of our church is Believers Baptism. Because of this it is important that the person to be baptised gains a full understanding of this act of public acknowledgement of faith and commitment to Christ. When a request for Baptism is received classes or sessions for one or more interested people will be set up, usually by the pastor. We believe in full immersion but alternatives will be allowed if there is a valid medical reason to do so.
  • Lord’s Supper We practice Open Communion and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month. All those present are invited to join in with the only requirement being that they love the Lord. It may be led by lay people as well as the pastor.
  • The Human Condition The Church believes that all have sinned and can only be saved from the consequence of sin through salvation in Christ. Salvation comes through our acknowledgement of sin and that Christ has paid the price for it. We are all in sin until we pass to glory with Christ. We are human, God is Holy and Christ bridges the gap between us. The closer we come to God through Christ, the more we die to sin.


What Is Christianity?

Sadly, over many centuries, Christianity has done itself a great miss-service. Some cultures today seem to think that Christianity is all about rules, regulations, and traditions that are pushed and expected by a bunch of hypocrites; other cultures still see Christianity as a warmongering, money-making, enterprise that tries to pull a shroud of blindness over the general public. These perceptions of Christianity are the fault of Christians over many centuries of corruption and hypocrisy.

So, what is true Christianity?

True Christianity is about fulfilling your need for a relationship with God. God, the creator of the Universe, chose also to create humanity; humanity, the destroyers of God’s creation, chose to reject and rebel against God.

Inherent in God’s character is a perfect sense of morality and justice. In rebellion and rejection of God, humanity is in opposition to His personal morality and therefore on death row because of the need for justice.

The beauty is that God is love. Motivated by that love, working hand in hand with morality and justice, God provided a way for our sentence to be carried out on our behalf. God sent His Son, Jesus. He lived a perfect life in obedience and service to God and therefore was not under the judgement of God. Even still, Jesus died a death and then conquered that death by coming back from the dead. Because Jesus was not under God’s punishment and because He conquered death, Jesus can now become our mediator before the justice of God.

True Christians are those that realize they are in opposition to the creator of the universe. Therefore they trust God to save them from punishment through the work of Jesus Christ.

This new standing before God enacts a change of life; a change which should include a better reflection of the character of God – justice, love, morality. The truth of the matter is, as much as God has changed the story of our lives, we are still human and we do still struggle with selfishness, greed, and all sorts of immorality. We strive, with God’s help, to live a worthy life; we realize, with God’s help, that we don’t always achieve that worthy life in practice but know that God has still dealt with our wrongs through the sacrifice of Jesus.

We live in victory because of what God has done and continues to do for us. We have a message that talks of love, grace, and a free gift of forgiveness. We have the joy of meaning, purpose, trust, comfort and a relationship with the Creator of the Universe – God.




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Out meeting place is not difficult to find and we are always happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.

Feel free to contact us by whatever medium is easiest for you.

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