Bible Reading: Helpful Tool #1

Sep 24, 2019

One of my most regular used and helpful tools in a discipline of Bible reading is an app call YouVersion [available for both ios and android].  The app is published by Life Church.

YouVersion has a range of Bible translations to choose from, is free, and easily accessible wherever you are.  It has a nifty audio option where you can have the passage read to you – which always seems to highlight things you miss when you read it yourself, and for those that find reading difficult, having passages read to you is a helpful option.  I make frequent use of the highlighting feature [often in connection with Evernote, which I will talk about in a few days]; every year I use a different colour, and it is intriguing to come back to passages that I have highlighted previously.

One of its great features though, are the reading plans.  There are a whole range of plans you can choose from – whole Bible plans, book reading plans, thematic plans.  Some of them include mini devotions [even in video form].  They could last from a few days to a year’s worth of readings.

Additionally you can link together with friends, you can design and publish verses with neat little backgrounds, you can find helpful verses for a range of topics and references, and you can search for particular themes and words.

If you don’t already have the app I thoroughly recommend it to you.  The YouVersion app is my helpful hint for today.