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Concluding Ecclesiastes

Our final study in the book of Ecclesiastes addressed Solomon’s conclusion to his book.  It gave us an opportunity to remember that

Passage – Week 15

This is our last passage in Ecclesiastes.  The final six verses. Ecclesiastes 12:9 [ESV] Besides being wise, the Preacher also taught the

Serving in the Twighlight

The last theme from Ecclesiastes begs the following question.  How does someone in the twilight years of life, when the body is

A Series of ‘Present’ Songs

The following is a collection of three songs that reflect the message of ‘no time like the present time’.  Each song, in

Ecclesiastes – While Young

In exploring the first half of Ecclesiastes 12 we heard Solomon’s warning – there is no time like the present time.  He

Passage – Week 14

This week’s passage delves into the allegorical pictures from the first eight verses of chapter twelve.  What do you think Solomon’s point

Creator of the Nano-world

The following is a video TED talk given by Gary Greenberg.  It is intriguing given some of the things we briefly talked

Ecclesiastes – Fearing the Creator

This message focused on the first three words of Ecclesiastes 12:1, “Remember your Creator.”  Remembering is far more than mere learning, it

Ecclesiastes – Fearing Judgment

Today’s lesson explored death and judgment.  Death is unpredictable, inescapable, and ends any further opportunities to change.  Following death we face the

Passage – Week 12

Once again we are focusing on a particular theme throughout Ecclesiastes 9-11.  But if you were to read Ecclesiastes 11:9 first and