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Bible Reading: Helpful Hint #5

My final hint for helping your practice of Bible Reading is an old idea called Lectio Divina. It is Latin for “Divine

Bible Reading: Helpful Hint #4

The practice of journaling is immensely helpful for engaging with the Bible. Many of us struggle with memory, attention, and concentration when

Bible Reading: Helpful tool #3

When we use Bible Reading as a spiritual discipline we need to be careful that the exercise doesn’t degenerate into merely reading

Bible Reading: Helpful Tool #2

It is important to remember that the Spiritual Discipline of Bible Reading is not just about reading words on a page but

Bible Reading: Helpful Tool #1

One of my most regular used and helpful tools in a discipline of Bible reading is an app call YouVersion [available for

Bible Reading

Stay tuned for some posts in the coming week suggesting practical ways we can engage with the Bible as a Spiritual Discipline.


By way of background take some time to listen to the introductory sermon for this series.  It is based in Hosea 6