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Prayer: Helpful Hint #9

Today’s helpful hint for using prayer as a spiritual discipline is a simple resource suggestion. Over the years I have been immensely

Prayer: Helpful Hint #8

Nehemiah gives us a great example of prayer. The way he approaches God in Nehemiah 1:5-11 gives us a blueprint for how

Prayer: Helpful Hint #7

Today I want us to think about the importance of the positions we adopt when we pray. There are two extreme errors

Prayer: Helpful Hint #6

Today’s hint for using prayer as a spiritual discipline is something simple. Prayer walking! By prayer walking I don’t mean some complicated

Prayer: Helpful Hint #5

For today’s helpful hint I want to talk about PrayerMate. I can’t recommend this app more highly. It is extremely helpful and

Prayer: Helpful Hint #4

Imagination is something that we often neglect in prayer, yet imagination can play a very helpful role.  It is very closely linked

Prayer: Helpful Hint #3

Today’s suggested helpful tool for practicing the spiritual discipline of prayers is one that I have used often. It may seem strange

Prayer: Helpful Hint #2

George Mueller was a man well known for being devoted to prayer. Such devotion to prayer didn’t mean he just spent hours

Prayer: Helpful Hint #1

For the next two weeks our spiritual discipline theme is prayer. I thought we could start with a challenging and thoughtful insight


Keep an eye out over the next two weeks for a series of suggestions about practicing the Spiritual Discipline of prayer. In