Community: Helpful Hint #1

Nov 19, 2019

In a discussion of helpful hints for the pursuit of Christian community, perhaps the most obvious to think through is Sunday Service attendance. Sundays are a chance for the church community to gather together as a whole.

Sunday gatherings provide an opportunity to demonstrate community – we see and show that there is a larger community of people sharing a common bond through Jesus.

Sunday gatherings provide an opportunity to focus on, and worship God. Central to that should be a practice of Gospel and Jesus centered emphasis. Therefore it plays a role of pointing us to Jesus.

Sunday gatherings provide an opportunity to pursue deeper community. The typical Sunday service seems to lack the depth of community that one can have around a kitchen table, but opportunities to pursue deeper community often flow from connections and occasions that arise from the community shaping contacts made at a larger gathering.

Often the practice can become very traditional and occurs with little thought to intention or purpose. But it is a key means by which we can practice Christian community. It exists to help us ‘meet together’ while also existing to point us, and others, to Jesus. The Sunday gathering is a vital part of the Christian community.