Concluding Ecclesiastes

Jun 25, 2017

Our final study in the book of Ecclesiastes addressed Solomon’s conclusion to his book.  It gave us an opportunity to remember that what Solomon wrote is important wisdom from God worthy of our attention.  He finalised his search for satisfaction by concluding that such satisfaction can only be found in God and what He gives.  Fear God and Keep His commandments – how do we foster such Fear of God?  We explored two suggestions – repentance and rejoicing.

Psalm 78 echoes these thoughts.  In fact, you could almost imagine Solomon writing the conclusion to Ecclesiastes in light of this Psalm.  As you read through Psalm 78 look for answers/examples to the following four questions.

Q.  Where do you see the people chasing after false satisfaction?

Q.  How does God respond to the people’s cravings?

Q.  What is the Psalmist calling the people to do?  [HINT: you can find two key things that relate to our study from Ecclesiastes 12:9-14]


Q.  What pursuits have you considered more important than God?

Q.  Of what ‘idols of the heart’ do you need to repent?

Q.  What truths of God, and what He has done through Jesus, give you a chance to replace that repentance with rejoicing?