Ecclesiastes – Awe of God’s Sovereignty

May 28, 2017

A brief incursion into Ecclesiastes 9-11 helped us to gain a picture of the sovereignty of God.  God knows all and He can accomplish His plans – that makes Him Sovereign.  A deep impression of His Sovereignty helps to generate an awe and fear of God.


Q.  What are some of your driving fears?  What do you consider to be most valuable?

Q.  How do our fears and our values relate to one another?

Q.  What truths does Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 picture about humanity?  How do these compare to God?

Q.  How do the truths that God knows everything and holds everything in His hands contribute to the idea of His sovereignty?

Q.  Re-read Joshua 4:24 and 24:11-18.  How were recent events affecting the peoples’ response to God?

Q.  Look at Ecclesiastes 10:16-17.  Which kind of king would you want to be sovereign over you?  Which kind of king is Jesus?  Can you think of/find a passage that talks of Jesus being king?

Q.  How does the sovereignty of God affect your fears and values?

Q.  Where do we see the sovereignty of God in the good news Gospel of Jesus?