Ecclesiastes – Circle of Life

Jan 21, 2017

Studying through Solomon’s introduction in Ecclesiastes 1:1-14 leaves us with no hope for this life under our big yellow sun. Solomon verges on suggesting that as far as he could see, life under the sun was a useless endeavour. It is only after we come to grips with the hopeless pursuits around us that we can look beyond this world for meaning and hope and purpose.

Q. Which of Solomon’s observations of life do you strongly agree? [Vanity of Vanities; Chasing the Wind; No Gain; Circle of Life; No Satisfaction; Nothing New.]

Q. With which of Solomon’s observations of life do you most struggle?

Q. How do such blunt and brutal abstractions about life make you feel?

Q. Have you ever had a season of life where it felt like everything was dark and meaningless? What did you learn about yourself and God in that time?

Q. What truths from ‘beyond the sun’ impact your life now?

Q. How does the book of Ecclesiastes point you to the person and work of Jesus?

Q. How does Ecclesiastes 1:3 compare to John 10:10?