Ecclesiastes – Fearing Judgment

Jun 04, 2017

Today’s lesson explored death and judgment.  Death is unpredictable, inescapable, and ends any further opportunities to change.  Following death we face the judgment of God.  That is a scary and terrifying prospect.  Thankfully, there is opportunity for forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  But we will still stand before the judgment throne of God – an honest realisation of that truth brings a sobering awe of God.


Q.  If you were to split Ecclesiastes 11:9 into two ideas (enjoyment of life and fear of judgment), which is more prevalent in your life?

Q.  What might help to increase your awareness of the frailty of life?

Q.  What is the relationship between awe of God and acknowledging God as Judge?

Q.  Which provides greater motivation, terror or love?  Can you think of an example in life to illustrate this?

Q.  1 Corinthians 3:13-14 pictures life as either smoke and ash or gold and gems.  What differentiates the two?

Q.  Is it wrong to be motivated by eternal reward?

Q.  Read through Revelation 4:1-11.  What impresses you most about this reading?