Ecclesiastes – Idol Factory

Apr 29, 2017

Today we talked about our lives being riddled with the problem of idolatry – we pursue all these various answers to meaning and purpose and satisfaction in life – we devote ourselves to these pursuits thinking they will do what only God can do.  The questions below help you to think through this problem of idolatry.  Many of them are taken from Tim Keller’s book Gospel In Life.


Q.  What is your greatest nightmare?  What do you worry about most?

Q.  What do you rely on or comfort yourself with when things go badly or become difficult?

Q.  What makes you feel the most self-worth?  What are you the proudest of?

Q.  What do you really want and expect out of life?  What would really make you happy?

Q.  In a Sermon entitled ‘A World of Idols’ Tim Keller said, “Everybody has something that if they loose it it means that they won’t want to live life any more.”  What might that be for you?