Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun

Jan 14, 2017

Ecclesiastes is not only an important book to study, it is an exciting book to explore.

The book presents a no-holds-barred perspective on the realities of life, we are challenged to think through the purpose of life, we learn a balance between Hedonism and Asceticism, and we are reminded that God should be central in all of life. Here-in Solomon, the wisest man that lived, shares his wisdom – wisdom to help us live well.

Q. How might arguments about who authored Ecclesiastes change its message?

Q. Solomon chooses a word to describe his view of life. What word might you use to describe your view of life?

Q. What are the pursuits of life in which you expect to find satisfaction?

Q. Imagine a scale from 1 to 10; where 1 is total Abstinence (Asceticism) and 10 is complete Indulgence (Hedonism). Where would you place yourself?

Q. Have you ever asked yourself what you are here for; why you live and walk in this world? What did you conclude?

Q. Do you know someone who has lost a sense of purpose in life?