Ecclesiastes – Richard Cory

Feb 26, 2017

In studying chapter 5:10-20 we were confronted by Solomon’s brutally honest critique on the pursuit of wealth. He shared wise warnings of its dangers and offered wise advice as to how we should live with respect to wealth. The dangers reminded us that wealth is just another attempt at catching the wind [Never Enough; Relationship Strife; the Cost of Rest; Wealth can be Lost; You Cannot Take it with You; Further Frustration]. Instead of worshipping wealth we should worship with our wealth! Here is a series of question to help you think through what that might look like in your life.

Q. Do you consider yourself wealthy?

Q. What do you think Jesus means in Luke 12:15?

Q. Can you think of any other stories from the life of Jesus that might relate to riches and possessions?

Q. Aside from money, what else might contribute to wealth?

Q. Have you seen examples of Solomon’s warnings come true?

Q. Read Ecclesiastes 5:19. How does this relate to worship and wealth?

Q. What might it look like to worship money?

Q. How might you worship with your wealth?