Ecclesiastes – While Young

Jun 18, 2017

In exploring the first half of Ecclesiastes 12 we heard Solomon’s warning – there is no time like the present time.  He matched that with his encouragement to therefore “remember and serve the creator in the days of your youth.”  Here are a few questions to help you continue thinking through this passage.

Q.  What is the link between remembering, worship and service?

Q.  What things may or may not count as serving God?

Q.  Is there a point at which you can no longer serve God?  How might age be thought to affect this?

Q.  What does it mean practically for you to live a life that fears God?

Q.  What things are opportunities for you to pursue right now in life, that if you do not they may likely be gone forever?

Q.  Read Psalm 71. How might this Psalm speak into the thoughts and topics of age and service?