Ecclesiastes – Words Be Few

Feb 19, 2017

In the first seven verses of chapter five Solomon warns us about recklessly approaching God. Approach is Important! He encourages us to approach God with silence, with humility, and with awe. We also talked of the importance of approaching God through Jesus. So often we can tend towards approaching God with a series of steps and we come dangerously close to ignoring God rather than coming to him with sincerity. Here are some further questions to help you apply the passage in your own life.

Q. When do you approach God? What situations or actions in your life involve approaching God?

Q. Can you think of occasions, whether with God or others, when you have said things that you wish you could take back?

Q. Are you afraid of silence? Could you say you have learnt the art of silence? What does that look like?

Q. Have you ever made a vow or a promise to God? Have you fulfilled that vow? How has that affected life? [for further reading consider the story of Jephthah – Judges 11]

Q. How might you foster humility in your life and before God?

Q. How is awe connected to fear?

Q. In what practical ways might you approach God with awe?

Q. Read Isaiah 1:11-20. What position has God taken towards the people? What resolution does He offer?