Ecclesiastes – I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Mar 04, 2017

In chapter 6 we are presented with three statements of what is best. For many, considering the life they face, it would have been best if they were still-born [vs 1-6]. We are reminded that enjoying what you have is much better than chasing the appetite [vs 7-9]. And then we are challenged by the fact that we have no idea what the future might yet be or what the past might have been and so we have absolutely no idea of what is best for ourselves. But God does! And God is powerful! And God cares!

Q. Throughout Ecclesiastes Solomon frequently talks about things on which we hang our satisfaction [eg, power, wealth, relationships, success]. What might that ‘thing’ be in chapter 6?

Q. If you found a one-way ticket on a time machine where would you travel?

Q. Which do you tend to do more, wishing for the past or dreaming of the future?

Q. In Isaiah 40, Which of the pictures describing God grips you most?

Q. Ponder 2 Peter 3:8. What truths might you learn about God and about man? What two opposite truths are equally true? [HINT: The implications of Omnipresence and Transcendence]

Q. How do the truths of God affect your life in the present?