Reading 10.3: Leviticus 22:17-33

Oct 03, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 22:17-33

Priestly Regulations concerning Offerings

In this particular reading the priests are given very specific instructions as to what was and was not considered as a worthy sacrifice from the people.  In a sense, the buck stopped with the priest – it was the priests’ duty to refuse the offering of a lamb that was not worthy – a lamb that was not complete and ‘whole’.  There are a stack of regulations that very specifically remind the priests of the role that the lamb was to play before God; and also the role they had to play in offering that lamb.

Let me share where my thoughts went with this passage.  The book of Malachi is a revelation of God’s indictment against his people – especially the priests.

“To you priests who despise my name…” God says in 1:6, “…You offer defiled food on My altar but you say, ‘In what way have we defiled You?’  By saying, ‘The table of the Lord is contemptable.’  And when you offer the blind as a sacrifice, Is it not evil?  And when you offer the lame and sick, Is it not evil?  Offer it then to your governor!  Would he be pleased with you?  Would he accept you favorably?”

The complaint of Malachi in these verses is the disobedience of the priests to the commands and instructions of Leviticus 22.  The essential call of God to these priests in Malachi is that they would realise their role and realise who God is and therefore give Him the honour and the respect that is due His name.

“A son honours his father, and a servant his master.  If then I am the Father, where is My honour?  And if I am a Master, Where is My reverence?” – Malachi 1:6

It is so easy for us to fall into that same trap in our own lives.  We can tend to give the better part of our lives to people that we face in a physical world; we can tend to give the best part of our efforts to those that may seem to have authority and power over us in this world.  Generally speaking we would respect our parents and listen to our boss.  God’s challenge to the priests and people of Malachi’s day was that they would treat God worthy of who He is!  How do you treat God?

God deserves our best!

Give God your Best!


“You are my Father, I will honour You!  You are my Master, I will reverence You! ” – Amen