Reading 2.3: Leviticus 6:14-23

Feb 03, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 6:14-23

“Grain offerings” – Priestly Instructions


This passage records an interesting variation between the grain offering of a non-priestly person in comparisson to the grain offering of the priests (the twice daily offering).

One of the key principles of the sacrifices and offerings is the very obvious point that it is a ‘sacrifice’.  Depending on the situation, some of the items to be sacrificed were the very core of the nations substance and daily existence.  It wasn’t just a  matter of selecting one of the 200 bulls from the paddok – to sacrifice a bull for many would have substantially impacted their wealth.  To make an offering was to make a sacrifice.

Now, in many cases the priest was allowed (expected) to eat a certain potion of the people’s sacrifices.  It is quite possible that these potions became their daily food while serving in the temple.  How would it have been if they benefited from their own offerings???  It would almost be like they had a hidden agenda in making their ‘sacrifices’ – in the long term they would reap the benefits.  When they offered their own grain offering it was to be entirely burnt.

I think that is an important principle to apply in our own lives – when we make a sacrifice (take financial offerings and gifts to the church for example) we make it under the principle that we leave all claim behind.  We don’t expect to have some long term pay outs; we don’t expect to personally beneft; we don’t expect to receive great recognition – we make a sacrifice with no selfish motives.  We burn our ‘stakes’ on the altar of our sacrifice.

Even with our own lives, which we present as a ‘living sacrifice’ (Romans 12:1), we so often are quick to claim it back to do with as we please.  When we give an offering and make a sacrifice we must do so unselfishly!


(P.S. Sorry this was a late posting)