Reading 2.4: Leviticus 6:24-7:10

Feb 04, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 6:24-7:10

‘Sin & Guilt Offerings’ – Priestly Instructions

Remember, these passages record specifically how the priests were affected by the offerings.  This particular reading flows somewhat from yesterday’s observation about certain offerings of which the priests were banned to eat.  This time the offerings relate to specific wrongs and guilts.  Vs. 30 of Chp. 6 says that any offering having had blood brought into the tent of meeting and sprinkled in the holy place had to be entirely burnt, it too could not be eaten by the priest.

If you take a look at the instructions of Chapter 4, there were two offerings of which the blood was sprinkled before the veil of the Holy Place.  Those offerings were for the priests (4:3) and for the entire congregation (4:13).  Again, we have the same issue of the grain offering – the priest would be eating a sacrifice that was made on his behalf.

The other issue with this partiucular style of offering is the phrase in vs. 29, ‘It is most holy’.  Because the offering was holy it could only be eaten in a certain place, by certain people, under certain circumstances.  If the person eating the offering wasn’t made holy then the offering would come of no effect.  And so, whenever an offering was made on behalf of the priest it was entirely burnt.