Reading 5.3: Leviticus 13:47-59

May 03, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 13:47-59

Diseased Clothing

It is quite amazing to think about the Sovereignty of God.  We’ve mentioned before the practical essence to many of these laws in Leviticus.  These laws (including some in the next chapter) deal with cleanliness even in a person’s clothes.  Obvioulsy, we know now what God knew then but the world did not properly discover until the late 1800 – the existence of germs and the curbing of disease in sanitation.  In a time when a bloody apron was the mark of a good doctor, Florence Nightingale introduced sanitation to hospitals.

I don’t offer anything profound with today’s reading other than to say that as far as I can see, instructions such as we have just read don’t come from man.  No man could lay down guidelines as to whether or not a garmet should be destroyed or simply washed depending on the response of some ‘growth’ – many may not have even cared up to 150 years ago.  It is amazing to ponder the Creator’s Sovereignty in revealling these very partiucalr steps to His chosen people in the law.