Reading 8.5: Leviticus 19:32-37

Aug 05, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 19:32-37

Final Practical Insturctions

There are a number of odds and ends through these last few verses of chapter 19.  Each is such a powerful thought in their own right.  Maybe one of the very practical instructions which the world would do good to listen to is that of vs. 32.  Respect for one’s elders!  Maybe there has always been a lack of respect within each younger generation but it would certianly seem very prevelant in our day and culture.  Hey, it doesn’t just have to apply to people that have gray hair; this relates just as much to those that have a God-given responsibility of ‘elders’ through leadership over us, e.g. Prime Minister, Boss.

In Isaiah 3:5 this lack of respect was a curse that God prophesied would fall upon the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem.  There is nothing good about not respecting one’s elders.  The really challenging part is to know when a stand must be taken against such elders.  In Job 32:1-8, after all Job’s three initial friends had tiraded before Job, a fourth young man, Elihu spoke.  He was concerned that Job was far his senior and respect should be shown and yet he had something important to say (you have to read the story…he in fact was a wise young man).  In his own words, there is a spirit in man into which God can speak understanding.

So, we must always seek to show respect to our elders; yet sometimes there maybe issues in which God has truly convicted us and given us a moment of wisdom ‘beyond our years’.  At such a time we must still seek to show absolute humility and respect in the face of those same elders.