Reading 9.3: Leviticus 20:22-27

Sep 03, 2010

READ:  Leviticus 20:22-27

Purpose of the Laws

“…keep all my statutes…that the land…may not vomit you out.”  Although the picture here is that the land would not be able to stand the wickedness of the people becasue of their sins (‘creation groans’ becasuse it had been ‘subjected to futility’ – Romans 8:22, 20), ultimately the judgment is enacted by God.  It was becasue of this immoral and unethical practices of the people that God was casting out the previous inhabitants – practices that abhored God.

It is interesting to think about the means by which God might enact His judgment.  He wanted the people to walk a certain path in life, His path – a path of spiritual cleanliness as evidenced by their physical cleanliness; a path that was complete, perfect, and holy; a path that was separated and different from the rest of the world.  God promises that He would bring them into such a refreshing and sweet land of hope, but if they tunred their backs on Him and His path they would be in danger of becoming vomit matter.

The judgment warned of in this passage isn’t just a warning that could be enacted on the Hebrews; this was a judgment that was being enacted on the current inhabitants, the Canaanites.  This wasn’t about a deal made expressly between God and the Hebrews, this was how God was dealing with the evil cultures.  Nations rise and fall; kingdoms win and lose; cultures and societies grow and shrink.  History portrays the ups and downs of every culture that has existed – sometimes the power that was didn’t deserve to prosper yet their end still came, they still wound up as tasteless bits of chunder struggling to survive and hold on to their rank possessions.  I have yet to recall a nation that was walking God’s clear path while at the same time still being spewed from their land and power.

Its a timely warning!  You may be a part of what looks to be a powerful nation; you may be a part of the most powerful nation on earth.  Yet, unless they are clearly upholding and walking God’s clean path then they will one day meet expulsion, maybe even oblivion.