Serving in the Twighlight

Jun 18, 2017

The last theme from Ecclesiastes begs the following question.  How does someone in the twilight years of life, when the body is wracked with frailty and riddled with the difficulties of age, serve God?  This is an especially poignant question when dementia is setting in or Alzheimers has taken hold.

The following is an article from Desiring God. It explores faith with regards to dementia and Alzheimers.  In light of the article below, it is important to remember that serving God is not simply about doing great things but it is about worship.  An individual may not be able to travel, may not be able to even speak to others, but they can still serve and glorify God through personal worship.  Also included is a mini-book by John Piper exploring serving God in the context of retirement.


Alzheimer’s, the Brain, and the Soul

Rethinking Retirement by John Piper