Singing: Helpful Hint #1

Nov 26, 2019

Perhaps one of the most important helps in practicing the discipline of singing is also one of the simplest. Thinking!

It is easy to be immensely familiar with a song and yet have never ‘listened to the lyrics’. It is easy to sing a song simply because we know it and have sung it many times before, and yet never really thinking about what we are saying. Yet, this is perhaps one of the most important ways to make singing helpful as a discipline. Think about what you are singing! What does it mean? Is it true? Do I really believe this?

The great thing about songs is the lyrical poetry that portrays Biblical truths in compelling ways. Sometimes the language is poetic, sometimes it is full of analogy, sometimes the words are unfamiliar or strange. We can easily pass over these truths as ‘irrelevant’, or ‘confusing’, even ‘familiar’ but when we sing with out thinking such truths come alive.

Engaging your thinking while singing helps to shift the truths from your lips to your head and often then deep into your heart. Sing God’s truths into your heart [Colossians 3:16]!