Singing: Helpful Hint #2

Nov 27, 2019

Building on a previous post, here is a quote worth considering from as book I will recommend in tomorrow’s post.

You need to grow your appetite for good soul food – for congregational singing. You grow it through focus, and by follow-up. When you are in church, and you stand to sing, consciously focus on what is going on, so that your attention does not flicker. When we sing, it is not that God suddenly arrives (He is in all places, at all times). He is never absent – but very often, we are…. Ask God to help you focus; think about the words you are singing and the images they are painting; respond in prayer to lines that particularly strike you; be mindful of those around you, enjoying being part of something greater than just yourself…. If you find your attention has, after all, flickered, don’t give up – refocus.

Keith and Kristyn Getty, SING!