Suffering: Helpful Hint #2

Nov 05, 2019

For today let me offer a simple, maybe familiar, but nonetheless important hint for turning suffering into a spiritual discipline. Prayer! It seems obvious, but it is easily missed. Especially in the midst of difficulty.  Suffering can be very polarizing; it can drive us to God or it can drive us away from God. Remember yesterday’s quote from John Ortberg, “Suffering always changes us, but it does not necessarily change us for the better.”  By intentionally turning to prayer in all shapes and forms of difficulty we shape an important habit. We need to be intentional and committed to prayer in the big trials and disappointments of life as well as the small.  And not just a quick prayer sent off for God to catch on your way past.  Make a commitment to relentlessly persevere in prayer.  Relentlessly persevere in prayer in the midst of suffering!