The Man with a Plan: Noah

Jun 01, 2011

The story of Noah is indeed a story of a man with a plan.

The story begins in Genesis 6:9 by describing Noah as a godly and righteous man. He was the only man worthy of such a description in the whole world at the time. Because of Noah’s walk with God he was called to a special task, a very specific task. God was going to destroy all living creatures – human and animal – except for those that would be saved by a boat. A boat which Noah was to build.
Noah was given a ‘vision’;
a plan;
a goal;
a direction.
A vision of a boat that was to be ‘so’ high, ‘so’ wide, made with ‘this’ material. Noah was given very specific direction. Tradition tells us that it took Noah some 120 years to build the ark [Gen 6:3]. Imagine if Noah got sick of following his God given goal – a lot more that just the rest of the world would have been destroyed.

Noah set his sights and efforts on fulfilling God’s call for him; a call and vision that was very specific for Noah [I doubt that God is going to call you to build another ark]. That doesn’t mean that he neglected other necessities; Peter tells us that Noah continued to warn the people of imminent judgment [II Peter 2:5], but all the while Noah was focused on his God-given plan.

Noah was a man with a plan!