You Cow!

Nov 08, 2009

People are like cows!
Or maybe cows are like people! (that is probably the unoffensive way to put it…but no nearlly so fun)

Have you ever stopped to observe the similarities. I guess I kind of have had plenty of time while growing up on a diary farm; but I was thinking about it more when I visited my folks farm last week.

A group of cows is called a herd. And a herd is very communal – cows like to gather together and you can generally see that where one cow is there is another cow also. Every now and again you get a loner who would rather be on the otherside of the fence than gathering with the herd. Generally, though, cows work as a community.

Now within that community, I think you can find four distinctions.

You have a handful of cows which are leaders. They know what they are supposed to do; know where they are supposed to go; and they are the first to set the scene and they do what must be done. Milking time comes and Dad is later than usual rounding them up and so you have a few cows that begin the treck home. They know it needs to be done and they start off the herd.

Because the cows are very communal you quickly find that the larger majority of them are followers. The leaders have set off and the followers begin to follow them home. Generally a leader cow needs to line up on the plank first before any other cows are happy to line up after her to be milked. Sometimes they know what needs to be done but they aren’t happy to start without anyone else or to risk breaking the pack.

Then you have a small number of cows that consider themselves as leaders, but really they are just leading into a no-go-zone. For instance they find a way to jump the fence and head into Dad’s new crop; or they push over the temporary fence post and run off into tomorrow’s ration of grass. They know the fence is there for a reason; they know that as soon as the motorbike roars down the track they need to start running (guilty conscience). They are the rebels, they try to be the leaders and somtimes they succeed and drag other cows down into the depths of sin. Sometimes the other following cows start their chorus of mooing and calling the rebel cow back onto the beaten track. Depending on the cow, she might heed their calls and return (that is the third distinction – rebel leaders) or she will ignore their calls and continue on, often taking some other cows with her (that is the fourth distinction – rebel followers). In the end they always get a good rev up from the motorbike.

So I wonder, which cow would you be?

You going to be one of those leader cows that know what is supposed to be done and start beating the track for the others to follow?

Are you going to be one of those following cows that also do what must be done; trot the track. Go where the leaders take you because that is where you need to go. And when needed call the rebels back into line.

Or are you a rebel leader that leads where you want to go, right or wrong; a loner that doesn’t care what others think. You make your own track into the condemned greener grass. You go it alone or you drag others with you into the ‘By-Path-Meadow’.

Maybe you are one of those rebel followers that follow all manner and wind of doctrine without discerning for yourself the right from the left.

Next time someone calls you a cow – hopefully they are referring to one of the good cows that lead and follow down the beaten track of…righteousness.