Partner Enrolment


Mildura Baptist Church consists of people who are personally committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to the mission of the church.  Such people are identified as Partners.  

What is partnership and how does it work? 

Partnership is a tangible way to express and recognize those that are committed and belonging to the Mildura Baptist Church community.  Such commitment is an expression of the desire to serve the Global Church of God by partnering with the local church community at Mildura Baptist.  We believe the terminology of ‘partners’ and ‘partnership’ communicates the commitment and co-operation of a church community working together to fulfil our mission and conduct our ministry.

As a partner you express a desire to commit to the personal pursuit of spiritual maturity, the work of love, fellowship and discipleship amongst fellow Christians, and the call to share and demonstrate the love and truths of God to the world around us.  Together we can grow and serve God in this place.

In addition, when decisions need to be made that affect the broader church community, the Deacons are able to identify and consult those who are committed to the life and future of the church.  Such decisions include the choosing of church leaders, selection of pastors, establishment of an annual budget, and varying operational decisions.  The Deacons are thereby held accountable to those that have committed to partnering with the church community.

Partnership is an annual commitment renewed in February of each year.  It does not automatically renew but is a conscious and willing expression of your renewed and/or ongoing commitment to partner with this church community.