Bible Questions

A great trick to reading the Bible is to ask questions of the passages you read.

Such questions could be as simple who? what? why? where? when? and how?  These questions force you to interact and ponder the deeper points about the text.

Another helpful set of questions seeks to dig out the main themes that run through the Bible as a whole.  The Bible teaches us four things:

  • What God is Like,
  • What Man is Like,
  • What God has Done in Light of This,
  • and What We Should do in Response. 

Every passage has something to say about one or more of those four topics.  It is, therefore, immensely practical and beneficial to ask those questions of the passage you are reading.  For example, what does this passage tell me about what God is like?

Asking such questions opens a world of appreciation and learning within the passages and pages of the Bible.