Douglas Talks – Am I a Good Person?

How “good” do you have to be in order to be “good enough” for God’s love and forgiveness? The truth is that none of us are “good enough.” That might seem like bad news, but it’s actually really good news! Jesus didn’t die for you because you are a “good person”, He died for you because you aren’t, and He loves you anyways.

We have all sinned, and the penalty for that sin is eternal death. Satan wants you to believe that, because of your sin, you are too far gone and God could never love you. And if Satan can’t get you to hate yourself because of your sin, then he will try to get you to believe that there’s nothing wrong with you at all. He’ll try to get you to believe that you are a “good person” and have earned God’s love. Both of these things are totally wrong. The truth is that we all deserve the same punishment for our sins, but Jesus (who never sinned) took the penalty for our sins onto himself when he died on the cross. If you believe in Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven, not because you deserve it, but because God loves you.