Douglas Talks – Everyone Needs Jesus

Sometimes we see people and, based on how they look, we try to decide whether or not we should share the gospel with them. That’s not a good idea because we’re bad guessers! Literally everyone needs Jesus, so let’s share the good news with everyone we can!

There is a terrible lie that more and more people (even Christians!) are starting to believe, and that is the idea that it is wrong to try and change someone’s religion. It is not a sin to share the gospel! Far from it. There are some people who look like they might get mad at you if you talk to them about the Good News. Maybe they look like they are already a part of another religion or they just look like they have a bad attitude. Those people need Jesus just as much as anyone else. Other people look like they “have it all together”, and you might think, “Maybe they’ll be upset with me for assuming that they don’t know about Jesus.” But those people need Jesus too! Never judge a book by its cover, EVERYONE needs Jesus.