Douglas Talks – Our Father

Lesson Summary

On Father’s Day we celebrate our fathers and all they have done for us, but let’s not forget to celebrate our Heavenly Father! In one sense, God is the Father of everyone, but if you believe in Jesus Christ then you are an actual part of God’s family. How cool is that???

Though we can never know truly all they’ve done in the background, it’s so important for us to recognize all that our fathers, and the other godly men God has placed in our lives, have done for us. And the same is true (much more so!) for God. There is so much that God has done, is doing, and will do for us, most of which we may never even know! God takes such good care of us, and like a good Father, He helps to shape us and mold us into the best version of ourselves that we can be. When you are a part of God’s family, that doesn’t mean that things will always be easy, sometimes God lets us go through hard times so that we can grow stronger. Let’s thank our Heavenly Father this Father’s Day!