Douglas Talks – Shame

Satan wants you to hate yourself and believe that God hates you too. But, no matter what you do, God still loves you. It’s OK to feel ashamed when you’ve sinned, but don’t let that shame take over your whole life. God doesn’t want us to live in sin, but He doesn’t want us to live in shame either. Let’s run towards God, and not away from Him!

Knowing that you’ve done something wrong makes you feel bad inside. It’s embarrassing and frustrating and no one likes feeling that way. There are a few ways to deal with that feeling, but only one way that really helps. Some people try to hide their sin (pretending it never happened) or try to convince themselves (and others) that they had a good reason to sin or that God doesn’t really say that what they’ve done is sinful. But the problem is that you will always know what you’ve done, and so will God. So, if you try to deal with shame in those ways, that feeling never goes away (and could get much worse!). The best thing to do when you’ve sinned is to admit to God what you’ve done (He already knows anyway!) and try again.