Douglas Talks – Spiritual Warefare

Do we need to be afraid of Satan or demons or ghosts? Nope! At least, not if you have the Holy Spirit living in your heart. Spiritual warfare is not at all like it is usually portrayed on tv. It has nothing to do with “saying the magic words” and everything to do with the power of the One True God who lives in the heart of every believer.

In my Armor of God series, I talked about how the Armor of God can help us in our fight against the spiritual forces of darkness, but let’s talk about what you should do if you actually encounter an evil spirit. First of all, Christians have no business trying to summon or talk to Satan or demons or ghosts. But, if they come messing with you (which doesn’t happen very often), just tell the evil spirit to go away in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t worry about getting your words mixed up or something like that. It’s not about the words that you use, it’s about the God that backs you up! If you have the Holy Spirit living inside you (Which, if you believe in Jesus as your Savior you do), you’re good. You don’t have to be afraid.