Douglas Talks – Stronger Together

It’s so important to share. And not just your stuff!  You can share your time, a kind word, your experience and insight, all kinds of things! God made us to be stronger together! We need you and you need us.

Having no one to help you can be a pretty terrible thing. I think we all know that, but it’s important that we recognize that we can do something about it. We can help others by sharing our time, talents, and treasures! It’s pretty easy to recognize when we need help, but it takes some practice to notice when others need help. Sharing is so important, our need for others is part of how God made us. We are so much stronger when we all work together and we all help each other and share with one another. And, helping others doesn’t have to be that hard, you don’t have to take the burden of the whole world, just do what you can. When we all chip in and do our part, we can make the world a better place and shine the light of Christ into the darkness.