Douglas Talks – Thanks to God

If you follow everything you’re thankful for back to its source, you’ll find that every good thing comes from God! Let’s show Him our gratitude this Thanksgiving! It’s all thanks to God.

It’s really good for us to sit down and think about all of the many things we can be grateful for. And, if you really start digging, you’ll find that there were many people and situations that you can be thankful for every single good thing in your life. If you’re thankful for a delicious meal that your dad brought from a restaurant, you can be thankful for your dad, for the owners and cooks at the restaurant, for the farmers that grew the food, and so on and so on and so on. The more you dig, the more people you’ll find to be grateful for. And, eventually, if you dig far enough, you’ll find that every single good thing in your life was thanks to God and His love for you. Every blessing ever ( and we all have many blessings in our lives to be thankful for) comes from God. And when we thank Him for his goodness to us, the better our lives will be.