Douglas Talks – To God be the Glory

Lesson Summary

It’s a good thing to want to do something for God, but it’s important to remember that no matter what any of us do, God is the One who should get all the praise. Anything good that we do is because of God, and anything bad that we do is because of us.

It’s not good to be prideful, but every time we do something good, the sin of pride is hiding just around the corner. In order to not be too proud, some people avoid doing good deeds altogether, but that’s not what God wants for us. Life is meant to be more than just avoiding sin, we were created to do good works! When you do something good and people say “Good job!” or “That was amazing!” it can be really hard to disagree with them, and we’re not exactly supposed to disagree. It’s ok to thank people for their kind words when they compliment you, but we should always point all glory and praise back to the One who really deserves it, and that’s Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!