Mere Christianity Doodles – CS Lewis

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis is well worth reading.  It is the product of a series of radio talks delivered by CS Lewis in the days of WWII.  In his typical, philosophical way, Lewis challenges his listeners to think deeply about Christianity.

This is a collection of clever ‘doodles’ helping to deliver the content in a creative, imaginative, and engaging way.  Not all of CS Lewis’ BBC talks are completed.  They are here arranged per chapter section and number in the printed book.

Book I

Chapter 1 – The Law of Human Nature

Chapter 3 – The Reality of the Law

Chapter 4 – What Lies Behind the Law

Chapter 5 – We have Cause to be Uneasy

Book II

Chapter 1 – The Rival Conceptions of God

Chapter 2 – The Invasion

Chapter 3 – The Shocking Alternative

Chapter 4 – The Practical Conclusion

Chapter 5 – The Practical Conclusion

Book III

Chapter 1 – The Three Parts of Morality

Chapter 2 – The ‘Cardinal Virtues’

Chapter 5 – Sexual Morality

Chapter 6 – Christian Marriage

Book IV

Chapter 1 – Making and Begetting

Chapter 3&11 – Time and Beyond Time/The New Man