Prayer Mate

For today’s helpful hint I want to talk about PrayerMate. I can’t recommend this app more highly. It is extremely helpful and a wonderful resource. It is a cross platform app that keeps a list and organizes your prayer points. It then provides you with a list of things to pray for each day. Let me mention a few of the highlights that I find especially helpful.

PrayerMate allows you to not only enter prayer points, along with explanations and links [eg SMS links to say you’ve been praying for someone], but it allows you to categorize them into various list groups. For example, I have a list of all the families in church; the list is set to pray for two people from that list each day. I also have a list of various missionaries and organizations. You can edit these lists and customize the groups as well as the individual prayer points to pop up more or less frequently.

Another really helpful part of the app is the provided prayer suggestions. There are a whole range of organizations and groups that publish prayer points through PrayerMate. It might be a mission organizations that lists things to pray for [operation would works through every country each year]; it might be a group that provide helpful prayers simply to bless others. I have one that includes 31 things to pray for your children. Another one, under my church list, is “17 things to pray for your church”. Some of these lists might simply be a thing to pray for, some of them provide extra explanation and commentary, some of them even include a prayer for you to use. These published lists are really helpful.

PrayerMate has a whole range of features and is by far the best tool I have found for this purpose. Check it out here. Hopefully you will find it just as helpful as I do.